GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Guwahati

GPS Vala is not only a name in the vehicle, automobile industry but apart from that it’s even a brand name. A name which is trusted by many.GPS Vala was founded by Mr.Ranjan Chadha in the year 1994.GPS Vala has taken the standards of AIS 140 GPS solutions to a remarkable position in Guwhati. It has achieved all this success and respect single handedly. We have been in this industry since a decade now and always strive to improve and satisfy all our clients in an inexpensive way. We never compromise quality. Our motto is to deliver “Quality before Quantity”. We also believe that along with experience and dedication having vision as well along with skills and technology is what counts the most. We have got along with hundreds of customers in Guwhati who are very satisfied with our products and services. Along with a dream to create a benchmark in the world we have started our dream in Guhwati at first where we received an overwhelming response for our products. We desire one day to stand out as a global winner. Currently, we hold a rank in market place in the market where, if we claim that we are the best then no one will contradict with us.

We take pride and honor in claiming that we have engineers and technicians that have excelled in this field. Before setting any product in the market we make sure that the product undergoes a vigorous quality check right from the start to end. We use and efficient 11 stage Quality check procedure.

All the GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems we offer at GPS Vala are very precise in size and can be hidden anywhere. Along with this property they are accurate and the best possible way for tracking locations. Our devices can track the stolen vehicle in any part of India be it Delhi, Guwahati ,Manipur, Karimganj, Imphal, Assam, Dispur, Nagaland, Kohima, Mizoram, Aizawal, Tripura, Agartala, Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, Meghalaya, Shillong, Sikkim, Gangtok,Arunanchal Pradesh, Gangtok, Kohima, Tripura, Meghalaya etc. We at GPS vala hold a diverse range of various sizes as well as types of AIS 140 GPS Tracking devices. Our ranges include passive trackers, active trackers, along with hybrid trackers. We aspire and foresee that our customers should get the best possible yet pocket friendly range of products. And we don’t stop here. We also provide customers with an opportunity to get a fully customizable GPS tracking devices which could be used for their bike, car, bus and any other vehicle. And all these quality of ours makes us different from our contemporaries.

Reduction in Maintenance and Fuel Consumption

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are designed to allow the user to optimisably and analytically get the most efficient route to his/her destination which leads to less vehicle maintenance and lower fuel cost.

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SMS or Voice Call Alerts in case of Emergency

In the case of any mishappening of any event in the user’s vehicle, our GPS Tracking Devices reports instantly. The alert system installed in our GPS systems gives an instant SMS or say Voice Call Alert on user’s mobile phone or tablet.

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These days you don’t need to keep an eye or ask or keep a regular track on the movement of your fleet or vehicle. All our AIS 140 GPS trackers (any variant) come with the facility of Geofencing. With this facility, one can set GEOfence Alerts, which will notify the user instantly whenever subject enters or exits the pre-defined area. These alerts can be generated through SMS or Voice Call.

Vehicle Tracking System In Guwahati

GPS Car and Bike Tracking Device (system) are the best possible way to keep a track of your vehicle or to protect them against theft and save time. Our devices never run out of functionality and will continue to run effectively for years and years. They are minute in size also and hence they can be fitted in hidden places of the vehicle. With our tracking solutions, your vehicle becomes immobilized and it’s impossible for the theft to place. Moreover, the stolen vehicle of can be located and tracked down within hours be it in Delhi, Manipur, Nagaland, Aizwal,Tripura or any other states of India.

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