Car Tracking System in Assam

Car Tracking System in Guwahati

At GPS Vala we understand how much one can be worried about his or her car. Car is a commodity which is very costly and not affordable by all. Hence we have developed a Car Tracking system that keep your car secured and hassle free. The use of GPS Technology had traditionally started to be used with cars. As cars are something which is not affordable by all hence we have developed a special car tracking system. We aim at providing excellent Car tracking services at a price which is affordable for Indian car owners.

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The use of ultra-modern equipments that are procured from highly reputable manufacturers and are good in quality are better than or comparable to the devices being used in the USA and Europe. No need to spend huge amounts to import international standard car tracking devices for your expensive car. Our inexpensive systems can deliver the same performance. With so many happy and satisfied clients AIS 140 GPS has emerged as the leader in car tracking system arena.
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Cars need to be tracked for so many reasons, few of which are listed below.

  • Monitor the speed of the vehicle.
  • To check route the drivers are taking to reach a destination.
  • Catch employees who are using company vehicles for personal purposes.
  • Catch idling drivers red handed.
  • Keep an eye of the cabbies.
  • Reach out to your vehicles when they meet an accident.
  • Theft Alerts.

We at GPS Vala are happy to announce that we have so many options available at different price ranges for almost every purpose stated above. These devices are so user friendly that if one doesn’t want the other person to know about it, this can also be done.
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We install all the AIS 140 GPS devices in such a way that the drivers are unaware of the same. This is done because drivers might show their true color only when they feel no one is watching them. These devices don’t produce any sound nor emit any radiations or lights. The space occupied by these devices is also very minimal. We provide all different types of car tracking devices including passive and active tracker, hybrid and more. These devices will show you the exact location of the car on real maps and also record whatever data you want it to record and transmit. Our car tracking software is designed differently for every AIS 140 GPS Devices.

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