Bike Tracking System in India

Bike Tracking System in Guwahati

GPS Vala is a company that gives solution to all the tracking related problems at just the click of a button. In India where out of seven days in a week almost 5 days are working. Roads are fully jammed. People are getting more and more influenced to travel by the government vehicles or rather buy two wheelers so as to escape the traffic jam through the corners and narrow rows. Also it could be thought this way that the reason for the remarkable sales in the bikes is due to heavy fuel prices. Bikes tend to give a good mileage over cars. Whatever may be the reason along with increase in sale there is an increase in the theft of the bikes as well. If you have bought a bike with your hard-earned money, secure it today with bike tracking system from GPS Vala. If your bike goes missing, you can tell the police where exactly it is and they can find it for you. Other basic features, like locating the bike in real time, determining the speed and direction of the moving bike, all can be very easy with GPS Vala bike tracking devices.
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Bike tracking is way different from car tracking. Car battery is more powerful and there is enough space in a car to install the systems. Bikes don’t have any space to conceal and fit these devices efficiently. That is why bike tracking system needs to be smaller and should consume less power.AIS 140 GPS Security Tracking System for bikes is an advance and is the latest technology. If your bike is stolen, you will get an SMS alert and you can switch off your bike engine just by sending SMS to your bike’s Security system.
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The Bikes Tracking devices developed by AIS 140 GPS have undergone various tests. These tests include:

  • Space occupation.
  • Battery Consumption.
  • Alertness during emergency.
  • Efficient and accurate location examiner.

Our bike tracking system is designed and programmed to work most wonderfully in Indian situations and circumstances. We get the Raw Components of these devices from highly reputed manufacturers. These devices carry years of warranty. If anything goes wrong, which is a rare in our case our team troubleshoots immediately.
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The software’s used in the Bike tracking system are designed in such a way that one can get all the data in their phone or laptop. All the tracking devices abide by the Indian tracking laws, Rules and regulations, Road safety. With all these benefits and advance features, we have managed to keep the price low enough to make it affordable for all. . Our devices will show you the location on a real life road map so you have every data you need.
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