About Us - GPS Vala

GPS Vala is a GPS equipment providing company. A vision to make navigation and tracking affordable to all Mr. Ranjan Chadha developed this company in the year 1994. GPS Vala is not only a name in the vehicle, automobile industry but apart from that it’s even a brand name.USP of GPS Vala is such that people just after hearing the name trust the products and equipments without a second thought.GPS Vala has taken the standards of AIS 140 GPS solutions to a remarkable position in Guwhati. It has achieved all this success and respect single handedly.GPS Vala is an inspiration to those who desire of achieving big without compromising their self esteem and customers satisfaction with strong determination we have climbed the heights of success day by day.

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We have been in this industry since a decade now and always strive to improve and satisfy all our clients in an inexpensive way yet passionate and dedicated way. We never compromise quality. Our motto is to deliver “Quality before Quantity”. We also believe that along with experience dedication and vision along with certain skills AIS 140 GPS Devicestechnology and proper knowledge one can always achieve what it desires for. . We have got along with hundreds of customers in Guwhati who are very satisfied with our products and services. We are also honored and obliged to express our heartfelt gratitude to those expert technicians and engineers that have been along with us for a quite long time. It’s their genuine efforts that today we have reached these heights.

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Rajan Chadha - Founder of GPSVALA.COM

Rajan Chadha, the name which invokes respect and acknowledgement from every quarter of personal and professional arena, is the main person behind this company. All our equipments go under vigorous checks before supplying them in market and stores .These checks are made by our experts in real life so as to understand the problems that may occur in the usage of these products. This check also ensures that if at all there’s any scope of improvement or debugging then the same can be done. The software’s used in our equipments are tried and tested many times. This software’s are developed by many renowned engineers.

Serving since decades in this industry we have expanded are business thoroughly. Initially we had just started with a very few range of products, but now we serve in the whole tracking equipment range while is AIS 140 GPS enabled. Our ranges include passive trackers, active trackers, along with hybrid trackers. Our products include:

  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Car Tracking Systems
  • Bike Tracking Systems
  • Personal Tracking Devices
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • Anti-Theft Alarms etc

At GPS Vala we produce very precise sized equipments which can be hidden anywhere. These products are very accurate and the best possible way for tracking locations. This is because of the programming done in these devices. Our devices can track the stolen vehicle in any part of India be it Delhi, Arunanchal Pradesh, Gangtok, Kohima, Tripura, Meghalaya etc. We wish and desire that our customers should get the best possible products which should not be heavy on their pockets. And all these quality of ours makes us different from our contemporaries.
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